Where to EAT in Puerto Princesa: Kinabuchs



For my very first meal in Palawan, I ate in Kinabuchs Grill and Bar. Located in Rizal Avenue, you surely won’t miss this restaurant, especially when coming from the airport. In fact, while on Rizal Avenue, you’ll definitely pass most of Puerto Princesa’s famous restaurants.


The entire restaurant is open-air and is surrounded by trees, plants, and yellow lighting. There are some kubos as well that add to the ambiance. According to our driver, Kinabuchs is the second best restaurant in Puerto Princesa (with Kalui being the first).


There was a big screen with Star Sports being projected on it, which is also similar to the set-up we saw at the Grill Night at Hotel Centro. I guess this is the in thing at Puerto Princesa?


Our first order that came was the Sizzling Bulalo Steak. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember how much this dish was, but it was around Php 300-400. The meat was very tender and I’d rate this dish 4 out of 5. (I do prefer the sizzling bulalo steak at Josephine’s, Tagaytay more though.)


Next came a Puerto Princesa delicacy: Croc Sisig. This dish is what Kinabuchs is known for and was my favorite out of all three dishes that we ordered. For Php 345, it may seem a bit pricey but this dish is definitely worth trying if you find yourself in Puerto Princesa.

Kinabuchs also has two other crocodile dishes: Croc Adobado (crocodile meat stewed in coconut milk, seasoning & spices) for Php 345 and Croc a la Bicol Express (crocodile meat & finger chilies cooked in coconut milk) for Php 345.


Last came our Grilled Liempo very reasonably priced at Php 180. I was really craving for some pork, unfortunately, this dish didn’t quite satisfy my craving as the serving consisted mostly of fat. I guess you get what you pay for!

Other than Crocodile Sisig, another “must try” they say is Tamilok, also known as wood worms. Kinabuchs has two Tamilok dishes, which unfortunately during our visit, wasn’t available. Don’t worry though as Tamilok is a common delicacy and can be found in other restaurants. Their two dishes are Tamilok (classic Palawan recipe) for Php 135 and Breaded Tamilok (Kinabuchs’ original deep-fried wood-worm recipe) for Php 130. Tamilok, as I have learned though, is most commonly eaten fresh. Mm, yum!


There are a lot of seating options in Kinabuchs. You may choose to sit outside, under the stars, or inside, with a roof above your head—or in this case, bikes!


Kinabuchs also has a bar so you can enjoy a cold beer and unwind, much like the man in the photo. Haha.

The verdict: There are hits and misses with their dishes but their Puerto Princesa specialties are a must! You’ve got to try the food the place you are visiting is known for so I definitely recommend you order their Croc Sisig and Tamilok. Their ambiance is great too, try to get a kubo table at the corner, next to the wall covered in green plants for the best dining experience. :)


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