What To Do When Your Samsung Galaxy Camera Says “Not Enough Space.”



Photo from Widget City

Last June, I won a Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 from Yellow Cab Philippines’ Great Times with Yellow Cab Photo-Essay Contest. (Thank you so much Yellow Cab!!!) I’ve been meaning to write an entry on the pros and cons of the camera (as it is my current camera and I sold my trusty Canon S90 shortly after winning it) but I’ll get to writing that entry later on.

For now, let me help those of you who are encountering one problem that I did too when I was using my Samsung Galaxy Camera. Each time I’d try to open my Gallery, a warning would show up saying “Not enough space. Delete unnecessary items such as downloaded software, pictures, videos and documents.” This didn’t make sense though because I was certain I still had a ton of space left.

I went on my normal research mode and looked through different forums until I found a solution to my problem, thanks to a user named Naval.

Follow his steps:

1. Download AndroZip (Free) from Play Store

2. Open AndroZip

3. Once all folders are fully loaded, click on the “UP” button twice

4. Scroll down and look for the tdata folder

5. Open the tdata folder and delete all the cache files

6. Restart your camera! And it will be back to normal!

Hope everything works out for you and your Samsung woes!


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